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name: Buttock Contusion 
also known as: Buttock Bruise; Butt Bruise; Bruised Butt 
also see: Perineum Contusion; Genital Contusion; Tailbone Fracture; ICD 
description: A contusion to the buttock area is usually the result from a fall onto the butt but can result from a blow. The small blood vessels within the substance of the buttocks break leading to bleeding under the skin. Risk is increased with contact sports such as football, hockey, sliding in baseball, as well as high jumping, pole vaulting, ice skating, gymnastics. Other causes include slipping on ice, poor nutrition, bleeding disorders. People who are anticoagulation drugs or antiplatelet drugs bruise more, as do elderly people. 
signs & symptoms: Includes butt pain, tenderness, swelling, and a hard lump under the skin, as well as discoloration, from red, to black and blue, then green, and yellow. The hard lump is either a hematoma or a soft tissue hematoma. 
diagnosis: Based on signs, symptoms, history and exam. If a pelvic fracture or tailbone fracture is suspected, x-rays are obtained. 
treatment: Includes rest, ice, and medication for pain and swelling. 
prevention: Wear protective gear when appropriate. 
outcome: Most bruises resolve in 1-2 weeks. More severe bruises can take a month or so. Occasionally, the lump turns to scar that can take many months to soften and can leave a permanent lump or dimple. 

skynetMD suggest the following
if: If the person has sustained a injury to the buttocks, and has signs of possible pelvic fracture, such as severe pain, bleeding under the skin, inability to stand or bear weight, signs of internal bleeding, such as rapid heart rate, drop in blood pressure, feeling cold, confusion, disorientation, or, signs of infection
go to: Go to the hospital.
if: If the person has a buttock contusion, and is under the care of a doctor, they should rest, ice the area for 2-3 days, then alternate ice with heat, as well as massage, wear firm fitting pants such as spandex to help support the area, and
go to: Go to the pharmacy for ice bag, heating pad, acetaminophen, ibuprofen or naproxen.

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Last updated December 1, 2001

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